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We are connecting people, communities, and organizations to the stories that uplift our society’s most pressing issues.

At the heart of Odyssey’s Impact®’s mission is connecting people, communities, and organizations to the stories that uplift society’s most pressing issues. Organizational and individual partners are vital to our work, and we are thankful to all those working alongside us,  and  often behind the scenes. Our partner relationships are critically important to our on-the-ground work, as they connect local  stakeholders, advocates, students and educators to our resources, and enhance the work being done in their communities that drive positive social change.

Content Partners

This partner’s expertise lends itself to co-creation of content and content sharing around the campaign. The issue expertise of the partner lends the campaign credibility; likewise, the film offers a powerful complement to the organization’s existing communications strategy. Content partners engage with the film through digital platforms, including social media, email newsletters, website content, and other electronically shareable assets.

Strategic Partners

This partner’s mission and programs deeply align with the impact campaign's goals; key contacts have direct access to targeted audiences and peer organizations; participation in the film’s campaign is of great value to the organization and advances its mission.

Screening Partners

This partner engages with the campaign through one-time or multiple screening events and event-based programming, including post-film panel discussions, audience Q&A, talkback and workshops.

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