Mass Incarceration Second Chances

An investigative documentary about violent crime and juvenile justice.

Second Shot investigates the complexities of the US parole process through the lens of one of New York’s most examined murders of the early 90’s: a shootout on Christmas night during a screening of Godfather III. Through intimate storytelling from both the victim and perpetrator, the film exposes the impossibility of using punishment as a form of healing.

Directed by Andrew Michael Ellis   |   Run Time 27 minutes

Impact Goal

The impact campaign for Second Shot is designed to educate, engage and activate the public around the urgent need for a national examination of the lifetime incarceration of minors. The campaign will address key themes that affect the incarcerated and those who have experienced harm. What would a second chance look like? Restorative justice, transparency of the parole process, access to helpful resources and real support will all be examined.

Campaign Launch

The main goal of Odyssey’s impact campaign is to encourage community conversations that aim to increase awareness, shift attitudes, and inspire actions that can lead to positive change. The campaign will be heavily promoted in alignment with Restorative Justice week November 20-27 to honor and propagate the ethos of justice based on the restoration of human connection. The campaign will launch on December 7 with an Odyssey Impact®-hosted virtual screening and panel discussion centered around the film.


We will empower audiences to host screenings and community conversations throughout the active campaign timeline from December 2022 and well into next year, with special attention to the following key dates in 2023:

  • March 21-27 Week of Solidarity with Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination
  • April 1-30 Second Chance Month
  • May 1- 31 Mental Health Awareness Month
  • October 1-31 Youth Justice Awareness Month


Let's change the world together

Support families fighting for parole reform in NY through The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice. 

Share stories of juvenile sentencing and restorative justice via social media. Use hashtags #SecondShotFilm, #JuvenileSentencing and #ParoleReform.

Connect people, empower changemakers, and drive social change. Donate now and make a direct impact on communities!


Compassion starts with connection.

Join us for Second Shot screenings, town halls, conversations, and connections — both virtual and in-person.

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