We believe that powerful storytelling can connect communities and inspire action from all faith traditions and among all people of goodwill.


Sharing Stories,
Building Community &
Inspiring Change

Odyssey Impact® is a unique network of faith-based communities, congregations, faith leaders, seminarians, and secular partners based on a common set of values. Together, with filmmakers and partners, we harness the diversity of experiences and perspectives to create and distribute powerful impact campaigns around urgent social justice issues with award-winning documentaries as the centerpiece of our work.

Founded in 1987 as the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, Odyssey Impact® is an interfaith 501c3 that has been catalyzing actions for social change within faith based and secular organizations ever since.

Our Mission

We build awareness, change attitudes and inspire actions to drive social change.

Our Vision

We aspire for a just, more inclusive, and hopeful world, supported by a compassionately connected and activated society.


Inclusive Mindset

We value diversity and intentionally, welcome all values and viewpoints to strengthen our mission and impact on the world; we aim to understand all people and cultures with an appreciation for differences; we work collaboratively with others, regardless of background, position, or status; we ensure that opportunities are equally available to all.

Mission Driven

We believe that powerful stories can inspire people to do great things; we embody and promote understanding of injustice with empathy and compassion; we strive to inspire changes in awareness, attitudes and actions that advance healing and community building.

Proactive Communication

We share information respectfully and openly, in a timely and accessible manner, using the most appropriate methods; we practice active listening; we strive to ensure that information is accurate, and that reasoning is transparent and understood by all.

Accountable Ownership

We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes without blaming others; we recognize the impact of our behavior on others; we take personal responsibility for our actions and conversations; we follow through on our commitments and decisions; we maintain confidentiality with sensitive information.

Commitment to Respect

We act professionally and honestly when interacting with others; we treat people with dignity; we consistently reflect concern and courtesy towards colleagues and stakeholders; we take personal responsibility for appropriate, respectful behavior; we recognize personal and professional boundaries.

Trust and Reliability

We produce quality work with ethical behavior and positive intention that build relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and communities in order to achieve mutual goals; we create brave and safe environments to be vulnerable; we influence others by our actions and words; we support and give credit to others.

What makes Odyssey different?

At Odyssey, we use our faith-based roots to move the world forward in new and innovative ways. With our team of storytellers, Odyssey Impact® focuses on critical areas of faith, race, gender inequities, violence, criminal and economic justice, and the environment. We leverage our unique networks, including faith-based communities and secular partners, to empower you. With Odyssey’s interactive programs and stories, you can facilitate meaningful conversations for your community. Below are a few of the ways we drive impact:

Impact Campaigns

Bring powerful award-winning documentaries to your community to help advance awareness and conversations around urgent social justice issues. Campaigns include educational guides and training resources to navigate our nation’s toughest social issues.

Coalition Community Building

Odyssey’s community-first model helps realize impact at scale. Each community is different and views an injustice through a particular lens. By engaging with communities locally, we are able to mobilize experts, influencers and educators to come together in radical and new ways. Our curated discussions, guides and convenings help foster meaningful connections within communities using local talent for greater impact.

Odyssey Events

Town Halls and Educational Panels, both in-person and online, help shine a light on the most pressing and urgent needs.

Corporate Engagement

Engage your workforce with the issues of the day and engage meaningful conversations with colleagues. Odyssey Impact® helps you build the best-in-class work culture.

Odyssey Fellows

At Odyssey, we gather talented, emerging faith leaders during their graduate fieldwork. Our fellows come together, synergize experiences and challenge themselves to grow and lead a new generation of faith advocates. Our fellowship is unique in the dynamic way we use documentary film to navigate faith and civic engagement through critical social justice work.

#MyJustice Film Award

Do you create films that amplify a broken criminal justice system, equality for the differently-abled, women, LGBTQIA persons, or centering the environment? Odyssey Impact® created the #MyJustice Film Award to showcase annually, an outstanding, short documentary, justice-focused that cultivates brave films and healing conversations.


Creating Impact Since 1987

Stories, when presented correctly, can shift perspectives, build bridges, and foster empathy. Nobody understands that better than Odyssey Impact®. For over 30 years, we have worked with a diverse array of communities and stakeholders to move the world forward using documentary film.
NICC is incorporated

NICC launches Vision Interfaith Satellite Network (VISN) and receives 501 c 3 status from the IRS

A new name is adopted

A new name is adopted, The Odyssey Channel, along with a tagline: “Exploring life’s journey.”

The Odyssey Channel

The Kermit Channel and Hallmark Entertainment Television

Nick Stuart

Begins his tenure as President/CEO of Odyssey Networks.

Serving Life

Serving Life, the first Odyssey Networks doc commissioned. Airs on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Three Year Strategic Plan is completed

Resulting in three business units: Odyssey Impact®, Transform Films, Engage Entertainment.


Wins the Peabody Award

We are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Odyssey Impact® demonstrates its commitment to diversity with over 30 years’ experience promoting multi-faith dialogue and collaboration.

Meet Our Team

At Odyssey Impact®, our colleagues possess the ambition to make positive contributions to society. This passion drives our work every day.

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