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Empathy is a powerful force. When harnessed, it can garner understanding, greater collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Using a mix of film, deep-dive discussions led by our experts, and immersive events, Odyssey Impact® partners with corporate and non-profit leaders to help advance each organization’s unique DEI goals across a range of stakeholders – from employees to clients, customers to congregants and community members.

“Descended from the Promised Land shifted how I see and work with Black trauma. The images and stories of Black joy, possibility and prosperity shared by the descendants of the massacre on Black Wall street have shifted how I approach key questions in my research on supporting Black joy and thriving among activists and organizers.

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Crumpton

Associate Professor of Practical Theology at McCormick Theological Seminary

GIPHY loved the screening and panel discussion around Descended from The Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street. In what felt like a living room fire-side chat, Byron’s charisma and first-hand experiences along with Nailah’s masterful storytelling and keen eye to historical accuracy was enough to captivate us. The panel served as a conduit of chronicled information and firsthand experiences, yet there’s something to be said about legacy, something Nailah is certainly building. Planning this all-too important screening and panel discussion felt almost effortless because of Evy and the Odyssey Impact® team. From the preliminary logistical stages all the way up to the night of the panel, GIPHY felt supported, confident, and heard. Odyssey Impact®’s dedication and integrity made for an event that will be revered by GIPHY employees for years to come.`

Isaiah Lawrence


You can mandate diversity, but you can’t mandate inclusion. Inclusion is about behavior and relationships. You have to change hearts and minds.

Esi Minta-Jacob



Opening hearts and minds — one story at a time

Odyssey Impact® brings films and social impact campaigns to corporate spaces. 

The Descended from The Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street screening event was very robust and featured personal reflections from EY leadership, as well as a presense from leadership in EY's Tulsa office.

Giphy hosted a panel discussion around Descended from The Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street. Nailah Jefferson, the director, and Byron Crenshaw, featured in the film, were panelists.

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Together we can help create and sustain a corporate culture that is attractive to new and existing talent, and says to the world, “this is a brand that walks its talk”.

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Our productions and co-productions have reached audiences across the nation, catalyzing meaningful engagements and creating connections needed to drive crucial change.