“There’s no use talking about the problem - unless you talk about the solution.”

— Betty Williams

“The best way to escape from a problem is to SOLVE it.”

— Brendan Francis

Since 1989, Odyssey Impact® has produced groundbreaking, award-winning films that tackle the nation’s toughest issues, sparking crucial national conversations. Now, we’re moving from awareness to ACTION.

Odyssey Impact® is evolving to ignite creative, actionable solutions that drive real transformation and connection at the local level. By teaming up with innovative community leaders, we’re funding projects that are not only visionary, but also perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of each community. Through these efforts, Odyssey Impact® is laying the groundwork for a future where real community-driven initiatives create much-needed impact & change and bring us all closer together.


Grantmaking details coming soon!

Grant guidelines and applications will be available on this site after October 1, 2024.
We are looking forward to supporting your work.

Looking to enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts within your organization? 

Secular and faith based communities can use documentaries to educate, build awareness, and prompt action among your community of changemakers. 

The Odyssey Fellows Program equips emerging faith leaders to convene brave and healing conversations on challenging civic issues, leveraging the power of media and film.

Let your film change the world! Partner with Odyssey to increase the impact and reach of your film. 

Odyssey Impact® has partnered with DOC NYC to present a $10,000 cash prize and six-month National Impact Campaign to one social justice themed short film from the DOC NYC Official Selections. 

Brave Films. Healing Conversations.

Odyssey’s Impact’s® Award-Winning Films that educated and captivated audiences around critical, time-sensitive topics. Interested to see our films and host your own screening and discussions? These films will soon be available on Kinema.com to screen and download 24/7! Check back for links!


Let's change the world together!

Odyssey Impact® equips you with the tools you need to have a successful screening, so anyone can be a screening host. 

Connect with others, empower changemakers, and drive social change. Donate now and make a direct impact on communities! 

Create impact-centered partnerships, nnecting people, communities, and organizations to powerful stories.