Mass Incarceration Second Chances

Every year, millions of Americans are incarcerated before even being convicted of a crime – all because they can’t afford to post bail. How did we get here?

Trapped: Cash Bail in America shines a light on our deeply flawed criminal justice system and the activists working to reform it. This new documentary explores the growing movement to end the inherent economic and racial inequalities while highlighting victims impacted by an unjust system, the tireless campaigners fighting for criminal justice reform, and a bail industry lobbying to maintain the status quo. Trapped: Cash Bail in America is produced and written by Chris L. Jenkins and edited and directed by Garrett Hubbard.

Directed by Chris L Jenkins & Garrett Hubbard   |   Run Time 1 hour 2 minutes

Impact Goal

Odyssey Impact® will conduct the national social impact campaign designed to educate, engage and activate the public around the important and timely issue of cash bail in America while highlighting the multifaceted ways in which cash bail punishes individuals, upends families, and destabilizes communities; all without a guilty verdict.

Launch Campaign

Odyssey Impact® coordinated and hosted a live town hall, to launch the film’s impact campaign. The town hall event was moderated by influencer Topeka K. Sam, and featured Chris L. Jenkins; Robin Steinberg; CEO of The Bail Project; William Evans, cast member and CEO of Neighborhood Benches; and others. The robust discussion focused on the economic and racial inequalities of the cash bail system, emerging reform efforts, and how the 2020 election could shape the future of the American criminal-legal system.

Fireside Chats

Odyssey Impact® coordinated a Fireside Chat series with the filmmaker, Chris L. Jenkins and special partners and guests including Civil Rights Corps, Civil Rights Attorney Alec Karakatsanis, and Vera Institute of Justice.

Ending Mass Incarceration (EMI)

The EMI National Task Force screened the film at the 5th National Prison Summit on Mass Incarceration, and planned a Bail Out event in partnership with Faith in Dallas.


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