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Giphy Screening

July 14, 2021

On July 14th, 2021 Giphy hosted a panel discussion aroundDescended from The Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street. Nailah Jefferson, the director, and Byron Ghalani Crenshaw, featured in the film, were panelists. The event was moderated by a Giphy team member and two other Giphy staffers fielded questions from the audience. The Giphy team asked Odyssey Impact®’s Head of Social Impact to attend the event and have a presence on the virtual panel. After the event, we received the following immediate feedback from the event organizer:  “Everyone at work had nothing but amazing things to say!”  According to the Giphy team, the event was a huge success. Over one third of the staff attended, the highest rate they have seen for a digital staff event. In a debrief call, the Giphy team indicated they received positive feedback from staff, that the event was educational and inspiring.

“GIPHY loved the screening and panel discussion around Descended from The Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street. In what felt like a living room fire-side chat, Byron’s charisma and first-hand experiences along with Nailah’s masterful storytelling and keen eye to historical accuracy was enough to captivate us. The panel served as a conduit of chronicled information and firsthand experiences, yet there’s something to be said about legacy, something Nailah is certainly building. Planning this all-too important screening and panel discussion felt almost effortless because of Evy and the Odyssey Impact® team. From the preliminary logistical stages all the way up to the night of the panel, GIPHY felt supported, confident, and heard. Odyssey Impact®’s dedication and integrity made for an event that will be revered by GIPHY employees for years to come.”


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