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United Healthcare Screening

July 10, 2019

Initially, the MILWAUKEE 53206 screening event for United Healthcare was intended to be private and for staff only. The goal was to host the film screening and event for Advocates and Case Managers at United Healthcare to help them better understand the needs of their community in Milwaukee, WI. Plans shifted, however, when the screening host organizing the event saw the opportunity to further initiatives for the United Healthcare Community Plan, by selecting a public venue and opening up the screening to the community at large by hosting the screening and post-screening panel event at a local resource center. Thus, the event provided a bridge between the initial corporate initiative to screen the film, with the needs of the local community. 

The event featured volunteer opportunities, including a Fatherhood initiative, inspired by the film. The post-screening panel Facilitator was a known figure, working in the county in African American affairs. United Healthcare reported the event was a success, increasing brand awareness, authenticity, and trust in the community.


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