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So what happens next? Numbed by fear and outrage in the aftermath of the riots at the Capitol last week we need one thing above all to see us through – and that’s hope. Hope that we will listen and learn from each other. Hope that we can begin to trust each other. And hope that compassion will overcome division. Because there is no other way out of this.


Odyssey Impact® stands with our partner organizations as people of faith and moral courage who will not be cowed by the assault on justice and hope that the world witnessed in and around the Capitol Building, last week.


We condemn the vicious hatred and the violence that left five people dead and traumatised a nation. And we condemn the disparity between the response to those who desecrated the seat of our democracy and threatened our leaders with nooses and zipties, to those who marched for Black lives last year. We join with you in seeking to understand why, and we hope that those empowered to lead will respond using faith and moral courage.


Now, more than ever, Odyssey Impact® pledges to redouble our efforts to support our faith, community, and business leaders who work with us through our films, social impact campaigns, and Town Halls to build hope and heal trauma. Below are free resources to help in your work of healing traumatized communities and seeking justice. It is my hope that all of these resources will help communities heal as well as celebrate the important achievements of those like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we honor next week and whose work using faith and moral courage is an example for us to follow.


Always with you,
Nick Stuart[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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