Interfaith Dialogue / Religious Tolerance

An Interfaith Tour

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For one year, five French young adult students, from different faith backgrounds, traveled the world to uncover and document different models of interfaith dialogue. Their journey reveals what happens when you stop talking about the other and start talking to the other.
De-stigmatizing Islam Global Interfaith Movements Interfaith Dialogue Interfaith Peace Initiatives Interfaith Social Justice Interfaith Youth Movements

Religion Without Borders

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The Debate in the Neighborhood program brings together immigrant and first-generation Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim students in New York City to share from their own cultures and religions while learning the skills of debate. The participants receive training in public speaking and critical thinking as they hone their voices to become future leaders in their communities. Interfaith dialogue is integral to the Debate in the Neighborhood program, which aims to foster mutual understanding of the students’ respective faiths.
Bias and Bigotry Interfaith Dialogue,Immigrant Youth Interfaith Youth Movements Religious Bias Xenophobia

The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

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In 2016, a marked rise in hate crimes against Muslims and Jews occurred in the U.S. The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom is an organization dedicated to building bridges across faiths and combatting hate. Committed to interfaith understanding, the Sisterhood of Salaam tripled its membership after the 2016 Election. The Sisterhood has a network of chapters nationwide and focuses on building strong relationships between Muslim and Jewish women based on developing trust and respect and ending anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish sentiment.
Amplifying Minority Women’s Voices Interfaith Activism Combatting Islamophobia Combatting Anti-Semitism Interfaith Bridge-Building Muslim and Jewish Relations The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

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