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On any given night, 10% of students at North Lawndale College Prep on Chicago’s South Side experiences housing instability and homelessness. These challenges often contribute to poor school performance. The Night Ministry, Old St. Patrick’s Church, the North Lawndale Neighborhood Association, and leadership from the Chicago Public School banded together to support these students in crisis. The “Kinship Initiative” features wraparound services for North Lawndale College Prep students to help them stay in school and focus on building successful futures.
Care for Those Experiencing Disproportionate Impact Coalition Building Between Faith Institutions and Schools Ministry with Persons Experiencing Homelessness The McKinney-Vento Act Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Habitat for Humanity and the Theology of the Hammer

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According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, homelessness has been on the rise since 2017. One organization working to change that is Habitat for Humanity NYC, the faith-based non-profit organization that enlists volunteers to help rehabilitate old homes and build new homes. Volunteers from any and all faith backgrounds come together to provide the dignity of home ownership to the working poor in New York City.
Care for Those Experiencing Disproportionate Impact Eradicating Homelessness Habitat for Humanity Poverty Homelessness Ministry with Persons Experiencing Homelessness Theology of the Hammer Volunteerism

Midnight Run

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Midnight Run, an initiative of the Islamic Educational Support Foundation, is one of the many faith-based programs dedicated to helping the neediest among us. They take to the streets to distribute food, clothing, and toiletries to New York’s homeless population. Through acts of service and charity, they work to change misperceptions of Islam.
Islamic Theology of Charity Islamophobia Homelessness Ministry with Persons Experiencing Homelessness Poverty Shared Humanity

Sanctuary: Why Has This Word Been Criminalized?

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Sanctuary has long been a foundation of religion. The word sanctuary has become highly politicized. Many cities and congregations who’ve declared themselves “sanctuaries” are faced with new scrutiny. The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC is a national leader in responding to the immigration and refugee crisis. Pastor Juan Carlos Ruis, Co-Founder, reveals how they stand publicly in solidarity with families and communities resisting detention and deportation in order to stay together. They seek reform of United States immigration laws to promote fairness, social and economic justice.
Accompaniment Legal Advocacy for Immigrants Ministry with Immigrants New Sanctuary Coalition Theology of Migration United States Immigration Policy Welcoming the Stranger

Tent City

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Unemployment is a persistent problem in the U.S. As people continue to struggle and government programs are cut, they are looking for ways to survive. One man helped create a safety net for a group of people who found themselves with no housing options after losing their jobs. Rev. Steve Brigham quit his own job and founded “Tent City.” Tent City has been increasingly populated with what Brigham calls the “new homeless” — individuals who would be working and able to live independently were it not for poor economic conditions.
Accompaniment Care for Those Experiencing Disproportionate Impact Disparities in Wealth Economic Marginalization Homelessness Ministry with Persons Experiencing Homelessness

The Biblical Call to Welcome the Stranger

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Dr. Eric D. Barreto, Associate Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary, and Dr. Jacqueline Hidalgo, Associate Professor of Latina/o Studies and Religion at Williams College, look to the Bible to gain insight for developing a Christian response to immigration, migration, and refugee justice in the United States today.
Asylum-seekers and Refugees Ministry with Immigrants Radical Hospitality Sanctuary Cities Theology of Migration United States Immigration Policy Welcoming the Stranger

The Night Ministry Bus Delivers Holistic Healing with Compassion

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The Night Ministry Community Health Bus engages nightly with Chicago communities where many citizens face housing insecurity and food instability. By bringing health services, supplies, food, and services directly to the people who need help in their own communities, they inspire the most important resource of all: human connection and compassion.
Access to Health Care Care for Those Experiencing Disproportionate Impact Holistic Healing Holy Listening Poverty Homelessness

There's A Better Way

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The City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is addressing the crisis of homelessness through an innovative, strengths-based program that honors participants’ inherent dignity and worth. There’s a Better Way, in partnership with St. Martin’s Hospitality Center, now brings work opportunities each morning directly to those on the street, making a positive contribution to the city’s workforce. Through this “direct-to-work” program, individuals experiencing homelessness have created community and are now connected to services that support the rebuilding of their lives.
Alternatives to Panhandling Disparities in Wealth Economic Marginalization Housing Discrimination Ministry with Persons Experiencing Homelessness Religion and Poverty The Dignity of Work Theology of Compassion

Wankel's Hardware Store: Providing Jobs for Refugees

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Wankel’s Hardware Store is a family-owned business in New York’s Upper East Side. Since opening in 1896, Wankel’s has continuously worked to provide jobs for refugees and give those fleeing from danger a chance to make a living and develop skills. Employees experience the dignity of work alongside a caring and diverse community of support.
Economic Empowerment for Refugees Refugee Hospitality Refugee Justice The Dignity of Work The U.S. Asylum System Welcoming the Stranger

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